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Loving the game so far, and I can't wait to see where you take it!

I am having a small problem on your patreon page right now, though... Every link I follow takes me to this page, and I can't seem to follow it anywhere else. I can't tell it to follow you, support you, or even look at your posts... It's frustrating because I really did enjoy the game, and want to see more of it...

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Same here, wanted to support but can't reach the patreon game page, only the creator profile. 

I really want to see this game evolve, totally loved it. Please let us help you out !

Need to work on the tags for this, it doesn't show up under "erotic", "adult" or "xxx"... I never found it before i saw it pirate uploaded somewhere,  and searched for it by name, and i check the site daily.

Thanks for the heads up! I'll add a few more tags to the game.

Do you remember what site you came across the game on?



really nice game!

Love Izobel❤


Surprisingly very high quality game! I wish though I could play a male character (incubus) instead with bi-sex options. Also, the fight field better be hexagoned then this standard 2D grid.

I cant seem to even open the game, says a error has occured or something..most likely cause mac

Apologies. You can try playing the browser version at

played it and finished all it has so far, I feel its a pretty good start to it, puzzles it had weren't too bad and the enemies made you think a lil, good job!